Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GaGa Ball?

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I need to send out some invitations to an event hosted by GaGa and Beyond. Do you guys do that?

Yes, we can email invitations for you. Click here to go to our invitations page.

Do I need to bring anything to events hosted at GaGa and Beyond (such as paper plates, cups, food, etc)?

Of course not! We want our guests to enjoy an all-inclusive and worry-free experience. We will provide locally-sourced pizza, drinks, generic decorations (plates, cups, balloons, etc), and of course the entertainment. For an upcharge, we also offer the platinum package that will provide customized decorations.

How long do events hosted at GaGa and Beyond last?

Our parties are about one hour and 45 minutes long. The first hour is spent on the GaGa courts while the rest of the party is welcome to enjoy a game of Four Squares while the younger siblings and friends can play some Hopscotch. GaGa ball participants must be ages 5 and up (children under 5 are still welcome to attend the party, of course). After GaGa Ball, your children will be transferred to our party room where they get to celebrate their special occasion. Pizza is served, drinks are poured (organic apple juice or water of course), songs are sung, and moves busted. We can also provide a delicious customized cake upon request! The last 15 minutes will be a wind-down period to allow us to facilitate guest pickup, transfer of presents and left overs to the parent’s vehicle, and of course cleanup.

What are the age limits for participating in GaGa Ball events?

Anyone 5+ years old can participate in GaGa Ball! We only require that all the participants are in the same relative age range for safety reasons.

How far in advance can events/parties be scheduled?

We allow scheduling at least 5 days in advance up to 6 months in advance. Scheduling and down payment can all be done online here! If there are any special requests, please allow us a minimum of 2 weeks advanced notice.

I need to cancel an event, what is your refund policy?

Our refund policy can be found here. So long as we receive your cancellation request at least 30 days in advance, you will be given a full refund.

What types of events can you guys host?

We are equipped to host nearly any type of event, such as birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, holiday parties, class field trips, and even corporate team-building exercises. You name it we can probably host it!

Do adults count in the total number of party guests?

The amount of food and drinks available for each party is strictly limited to party guests. However, we can arrange to have a array of adult food options from our local suppliers for an additional fee (extra pizza, bagels, small sandwich platter, crudite or fruit platter as well as non alcoholic beverages).