About Us

Gaga and Beyond

We are a full-service special event studio themed around Gaga Ball and other summer camp games like Four Squares and Hopscotch. We host your little ones and their friends for birthday parties, graduations, reunions, fundraisers, school field trips, scout activities, and more!

We play Gaga Ball for the first hour, then it’s pizza, music, dancing, and cake time. Other entertainment options will be introduced as we get requests from our customers. We also will host your little ones and their friends for after school activity and play time.


Coming soon, Gaga at home.


We are located at: 101 Portland Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621

Gaga Balls

Karim Belkhayat - Owner

After a long successful career in High End retail, Karim decided to enter the hospitality world. Being the father of two primary school children, he noticed a need for options when it came to celebrating birthday parties and special events. After noticing how his own children and their friends went crazy for all the summer day camp activities, he decided to open a party venue that offered the activities that were synonymous with summer.